Shalev Ketubah

Shalev Ketubah


Archie Granot
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This ketubah is called SHALEV which is the Hebrew word for serenity. The words surrounding the ketubah are verses that were traditionally recited at the weddings of the Jews of Yemen and reads: "In the name of the Merciful, full of mercy. In the name of him to whom greatness belongs, whose name is exalted above every blessing and praise. In a most auspicious time and a commended season, with strength, repute and glory, delight and exultation, grace, favour and compassion fulfillment of every wish to the bridegroom and the bride and the entire assembled community, the chosen seed of Israel. May they rejoice and be joyful, blossom and spread like fragrance. May they build and prosper, build and prosper." Personalization additional $75

The ketubah measures 21" x 21" unframed.

Orthodox Hebrew only
Reform with English