Dancing Waves Ketubah

Dancing Waves Ketubah


Danny Azoulay
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Swirling contours intertwine in an exquisite cadence in this fine paper cut ketubah. Botanical motifs decorate the four corners that frame a rhythmic circular pattern, evocative of the ebb and flow of the sea.

The lines of each layer converge and intersect forming a pattern united by the harmony inherent in their sequential movement. It is a true visual metaphor for the coming together of the bride and groom: each enters the union with their own qualities and together they will form a bond which enhances one another beyond the individual. Giclee lithography, paper cut on fine acid free paper, 24 karat genuine gold leaf. A limited edition; all ketubahs are numbered and signed by the artist.

Personalization additional $140

Measures 17"X17" unframed

Orthodox Hebrew only
Orthodox with English
Conservative with English
Reform with English
New Egalitarian with English