Jewel Gold Ketubah

Jewel Gold Ketubah


Danny Azoulay
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Prominently positioned in this elegant paper cut ketubah are the words "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li" from Song of Songs. Like a precious stone cut and faceted by a master craftsman expert eye, the Jewel ketubah is magnificent in its complexity and fineness of detail. It is an artwork which balances organic and geometric motifs and symmetry with a bustle of energy emanating from the careful layering of the paper cut. The Jewel ketubah is a Giclee, three layered paper cut (first, off white, second pearl and third is sand beige), hand-applied genuine 24K gold leaf. Limited edition signed and numbered by the artist.

Personalization additional $140

Measures 14.5X22 unframed

Orthodox Hebrew only
Orthodox with English
Conservative with English
Reform with English
New Egalitarian with English