Gardens Ketubah (silver)

Gardens Ketubah (silver)


Danny Azoulay
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This ketubah depicts a mythical garden, fertile with natures bounty. Beneath wondrous trees, deer-symbols of beauty, grace and swiftness- rest and linger far from life's toils and struggles and take a quiet moment for themselves. This paper cut ketubah is a splendid visualization of the sanctuary which marriage can provide; a safe haven to meditate, draw comfort and fortify one's self and one's loved ones. The ketubah is transcendent in its tranquil beauty. A giclee litho with hand applied 24K gold leaf. Comes with cobalt blue acid-free paper background. Danny Azoulay signed and numbered his limited edition ketubah. Personalization additional $140

Measures 16"X21" unframed

Orthodox Hebrew only
Orthodox with English
Conservative with English
Reform with English
New Egalitarian with English