Pomegranate Candle

Pomegranate Candle

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Michael Aram
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Michael Aram Signature Home Scents are weightless, subtle and universal yet exuberant and complex. These fragrances take their inspiration from the same organic motifs that made the artist famous. This beautiful , 60 hour burn candle is crafted from glass, stainless steel, oxidized brass and 24 goldplated.

"Pomegranate is a luxuriant fragrance inspired by the sweet, verdant fruitiness of this ancient plant...opulent with color and texture, rich with distant aromas. Creamy musks and white woods form the base for a central blend of olive blossom, green muguet and white violet. The sweet top notes ring with green ivy, olive leaf and tamarind accords."


4.75"H, 3.75" Dia.

13.5 Oz. Soy Wax